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CHIA offers a broad and balanced Christ-centred curriculum guided by the British National curriculum. Our Curriculum enables our students to make maximum progress towards the national and international standards.

There is a standard assessment based on content from both the national and international standards used to evaluate students’ attainment levels at admission. The information on the assessment enables us to know their strengths and areas of weaknesses which is then used to tailor their learning programmes. Our students are graded according to ability in order to facilitate effective learning, where there are multi-faceted challenges.

Early emphasis is placed on literacy, numeracy, science and creative thinking as well as spiritual, personal and social skills. Our curriculum is delivered through contemporary and Montessori methodologies. The small class system of low teacher to students ratio (20 -1) enables daily assessment and early intervention on children’s work and style of learning. Students who achieve above the expected level are given course/research works, appropriate to their level, to extend their knowledge, understanding and innovative skills.

Subject Curriculum:
CHIA subject curriculum covers the nursery department to senior Secondary department. Apart from the core subjects of English (reading, writing and speaking) Maths and Science ( Physics, chemistry, Biology) the Curriculum includes other Humanity subjects like Geography, History, Reasoning, Information and communication Technology, Design Technology, Art and Performing Art, Music, RE, Physical Education, Local, Regional and Foreign Languages (Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Japanese), Philosophy, Citizenship, Social studies and Economics.

School Life

Pupils may enter Crown Hope International Academy at ages of 3,6, 7 or 12, although places may arise from time to time in other age groups. Competition for places are stiff, and we are naturally anxious to take the children whose parents understand and sympathise with our aims, aspirations and are willing to give their support and involvement in the school family life.

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The school is open from 7:30am with appropriate breaks.

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Children stay for lunch and menu is varied. Lunch is eaten in the school premises. Students are not allowed outside of the school premises during lunch periods.

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Our School recognises the importance of keeping parents informed about the progress of their children and conscious effort is made to see that this is done professionally. Reports are sent out twice during the school year, and formal parents’ evening meetings are held biannually.

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It is compulsory that full school uniform be worn at all times. Our concern is for a good standard of dressing, and we expect boys and girls not only to keep with the range of garments laid down in the list, but also to wear them sensibly.

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Crown Hope International Academy does not use corporal punishment as disciplinary measure.

Discipline is what you do for a child, not what you to a child. From time to time children need direction and discipline. By nature every child rebels against parental and school controls that suppress their excessive passion, self-will and foolishness. Unchecked by direction and discipline, these desires lead to a life of pleasurable behaviour, but not productive achievement.

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Our sports facilities provide important occasions for the children to develop their physical skills in athletics and sportsmanship. Our field events are compulsory.

An annual sports event, for students and parents, is held to foster an atmosphere of positive competition and fellowship.

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PTA- All parents and teachers are automatically members of the PARENTS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION.
Organising: Out of School activities
- after school clubs
- end of year events
- Sponsored walk - annual fundraising events, proceed goes to support school charities.
- Sport Day
- Family Trip " Fun Day"
- Drama and Musical Worship
- The 'Prom'
- Form Five - Group Party.)

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