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By God’s grace and help, Crown Hope Staff will diligently work in partnership with the parents by educating and nurturing the student and modelling Christ-like behaviour.

We aim

• To provide each child with the confidence to excel and equip them with faith for life.
• To see and train the man in the child so that they grow to respect the things of God as revealed in the scriptures and their environment.
• To provide a curriculum that promotes a quest for knowledge and innovative thinking.
• To enhance their God-given talents and ability to set goals, to analyse, to communicate clearly, to achieve academically and understand the principles of success and leadership.
• To promote self-discipline, self-control, integrity, morals and respect eldership
• To encourage students to assume a growing responsibility for unselfish service to humanity
• To hold assemblies that teach students to discern their area of gifts and talents, and obeying God’s will.
• To provide a complete school programme that will have as an objective the spiritual welfare and well- being of both parents and children.

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